Strodio 5.0.0
A completely new version is available with additional functionalities such as copy/paste of traffic volumes between diagrams or for example a spreadsheet, showing directions instead of traffic volumes for complex diagrams, export/copy to anti-aliased PNG format and the ability to create flow diagrams for left-hand traffic.

The library includes new diagrams of an intersection and roundabout with U-turn movements in combination with cyclists/pedestrians. Windows 11 and a multi-monitor setup are also fully supported and a light and dark interface theme is available.

The demo version of Strodio is available.

Parkero 3.1.3
This version of the program for processing parking duration surveys, is de first version with an English translation of the interface and help file. It's also completely compatible with MS Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8. Download the demo version now.

Trenso is developer and dealer of traffic engineering software:

Kenteko: processing of license plate registrations for information about origins and destinations;
Parkero: processing of parking duration surveys;
Strodio: visualizing traffic flows on traffic junctions and roundabouts;
Kalibrero: divides traffic flows on a junction;
Focato: a GIS-catalogue for digital photos;
Capacito: five capacity-modules in one application: Slop, Harders, Brilon/Stuwe, Akçelik, Pedestrian cross delay.

Kenteko 4.4.0
This version has improved Registrations Matching Reports and is better compatible with MS Windows 10. The file ReadMe.txt that comes with Kenteko gives you a complete list of additions and changes for this new version. Download a free demo version here.

Trenso goes international
Since the translation of the programs Kenteko, Parkero and Strodio into English, we are proud to present that we now have users in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia & Montenegro, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Spain, New Zealand and Chile.

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